Case 2

Nov 17, 2018



30 min

Unlocking in-game item creation & multi game interoperability.

Topic Summary

Imagine a world in which the sword you just used to slay a dragon in World of Warcraft, could be used to finally get past the level 10 boss in Dark Souls. While currently this is impossible, item and game interoperability is the future for gaming…and it is just around the corner.

Project Overview

Alto is a decentralized platform that enables users to conveniently mint, use, and sell interoperable cryptoitems on the blockchain. Their cryptoitems are interoperable, meaning they can be used and sold across multiple games and traded openly by users.

Why is it important for the traditional game industry?

Success in free-to-play games hinges on the amount of money both developers and players are willing to shell out, making it a huge pain point that most free-to-play developers share. WIth Alto’s suite of tools which enable simple development and integration of interoperable items into new games, this can unlock a new economic model for free to play games and a new user experience with higher engagement.