Case 3

Nov 17, 2018



30 min

Unlocking in-game item creation & multi game interoperability.

Topic Summary

From Fortnite, to Overwatch, to EA games – In game purchases of digital items are already one of the key earnings drivers at the world’s biggest gaming companies. By introducing a blockchain powered licensing fee platform for branded digital items, The BLMP Network takes this trend to the next level.  

Project Overview

BLMP is theB2B2C blockchain solution for licensed virtual goods. As the online gaming and social media spaces continue to grow rapidly, there is an untapped opportunity for digital platforms such as video games, social networks, and messaging services to enhance their product offerings by collaborating with brands to produce branded virtual goods.

Why is it important for the traditional game industry?

For digital platforms (video games, social networks, messaging services, etc.), joining BLMP means getting access to licensed content while keeping creative control. No restrictive or long-term contracts. Only propose licensed virtual goods that are the right fit. Keep existing revenues, gain unique content, and generate new income

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